Thursday, December 27, 2007

Paris Hilton's Family Inheritance Going To Charity Via Grandfather Barron Hilton

I helped her as much as I could back in May and June during her jailhouse drama. I even appeared on Ryan Seacreast's Los Angeles based morning radio show and on Geraldo Rivera's New York City based Fox News Channel live weekend cable television show in defense of the heiress we all know as Paris Hilton. But no one can seem to help her out of this dilemma:

The inheritance that would have been received by Paris, her sister Nicky and her two younger brothers will be donated to charity. Grandfather Barron Hilton has decided to give 97% of his $2.6 billion dollar fortune away to charity in lieu of allowing his grandchildren to inherit the money.

For Paris, I'm sure THAT'S NOT HOT!

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