Friday, May 25, 2007

Donald Trump Has A Few Things To Say...

"You are a very weak person," Donald Trump told blogger Perez Hilton on "The Big Story" with guest host Geraldo Rivera Friday afternoon on Fox News Channel, while discussing Rosie O'Donnell's departure from ABC's The View. "A great service was done by getting her off the airwaves ... she's a disaster" said Trump upon hearing of her early departure.

Just moments after Rosie announced her departure, The Donald ripped Rosie, saying "She's not a very smart person, she's disgusting to look at, she's aggressive..." He also had words for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, calling her a "dimwit" and "one of the dumbest people on television...she's for the war...she just seems in over her head with a lot of subjects". Trump is against the Iraq war but he did agree with Hasselbeck referring to him as "obnoxious" during her heated live on-air argument with Rosie.

O'Donnell left ABC Television Studios in Manhattan, NYC on Wednesday afternoon shortly after the televised war of words with no plans to return. Serious sparks flew between her and 4 month pregnant co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck live on The View on Wednesday morning.

How cool is that?

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