Friday, May 4, 2007


Paris Hilton was sentenced this afternoon in a Los Angeles court to 45 days in jail, with her jail term beginning on June 5th, for a DUI charge she was arrested for last year in 2006. This is the most unfortunate and sad news. Tracy Morgan (of 30 Rock on NBC) was just sentenced to wear a SCRAM (alcohol monitoring device) ankle bracelet after recently having his day in court for his drunk driving charge. Why has the government of California used the lovely Ms. Hilton as an example this way? What a travesty this is. I send my heartfelt and sincere regret for this unfortunate circumstance to the entire Hilton family.

It is reported that both Kathy and Rick Hilton accompanied Paris to her scheduled court appearance this afternoon in L.A. They were said to both be distraught by the outcome. Paris was said to be on the verge of tears and very apologetic to the Judge and the Court for what she had done.

Paris doesn't deserve this.

I want to start a petition...Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger should have helped her out with a pardon or a warning or something. Or the Court could have even sentenced her to wear the same type of Alcohol Monitoring Device that Tracy Morgan has been sentenced to wear.

Paris needs to know she has the support of her fans to get through this.

While all the tabloid sites are making light of this by making cliched "jailbird" jokes about what Paris is about to endure, I choose do otherwise. Jail is not fun for anyone, not even for an hour (well at least for most people jail is not fun) . People make mistakes and deserve a second chance.


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Dave said...


I don't want to sound rude here, but has anyone looked at the actual facts of the matter. She was caught driving while suspended for a DUI. She got out of the DUI with a slap on the wrist, and spit in the face of the judicial system by driving when she shouldn't have. Since when does having money and "some" looks get you out of jail time. SHE BROKE THE LAW. SHE DESERVED HER PUNISHMENT. I'm sure the majority of you are intelligent people, have you lost your minds? Do you think Paris Hilton would give a damn for any of you? She is a no talent, spoiled little girl who has gotten anything she's wanted because her daddy has money. If you want to look up to someone as a hero/heroine, pick someone who has made a difference in your life, a difference for the better, a difference that made your life more worthwhile, where you made someone else’s life worth living, or at the least a little better. I don't wish Paris anything bad, but don't any of you think that there are more important things going on in this country right now. There is a war going on right now, two actually. We have people dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Aids, Cancer, children in poverty. And you are worried about Paris Hilton's 45 day trip to jail. She will have better treatment and better food in jail than our men and women in the service. Believe me, I've been there. Iraq is a bad place to be, jail is not that bad. People, please, get a grip.