Saturday, May 26, 2007

Onlookers Recall The Moments That Led Up To La Lohan's DUI Crash Shocker!

According to onlookers Lindsay and her friend Samantha Ronson (DJ/ singer of "Built This Way" featured in the film "Mean Girls") were fighting all night. It had started at Les Deux where La Lohan partied earlier in the evening, then up to the private after party she attended.

Onlookers said Lindsay Lohan was visibly upset as she left the party and got out of the chauffeur-driven SUV on the way back to her house."The SUV pulled into a side street and Lindsay just jumped out," one eyewitness said."She was shouting ‘Fuck you guys!’ and seemed in a real inebriated state. She started running down the street with the driver following her."Then a male friend in another car followed her as well and picked her up."Lohan and her pals then headed for the five-star Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Strip, where the actress tried to book a room for the night. A source at the Mondrian Hotel said: "She was standing at the reception desk practically begging for a room." The staff told her they were fully booked for the night but she was kicking up a real fuss - and said she would pay any price for a suite."They told her they were full over and over again, so she asked them to try and book her a room at another hotel before running into the bathroom and leaving."

Lohan and her friends then headed back to her apartment block and went inside.Moments later the actress’s DJ friend Samantha Ronson emerged from the building, with Lohan apparently trying to stop her leaving.Ronson left Lohan`s condo really pissed off and started walking. Lindsay and a friend got into her car and went after her.

An onlooker said: "Lindsay drove her Mercedes out of the front gate, drove over to Samantha and told her to get in the car, but Samantha said "no".

Lindsay then noticed that she was being filmed by paparazzi. After some yelling and such, Samantha got into the car. They pulled out fast, then crashed.

The Black Mercedes is a 2 seater car that contained 3 people in it at the time of the accident.

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