Monday, May 7, 2007


Paris Hilton and her lawyers have filed a notice of appeal in the Los Angeles County Superior Court of California. The appeal is against the 45-day jail sentence unfairly imposed upon Ms. Hilton this past Friday.

Paris Hilton's attorneys must essentially prove that Judge Sauer abused his discretion by imposing the sentence.

Paris is fighting the good fight for what is right and just. She is honest and is being punished unfairly.

Help stand behind Paris! Contact your California elected officials and sign the petition here:



The Starmaker said...

Free Paris Hilton

For every day that Paris Hilton spends in jail, I'm am calling for
everyone to go to the nightclubs every night, and when you see a celebrity, a rich person,
or a judge leave, call the police and tell them there is a drunk driver on the road.

I wanna see a thousand celebrities and rich people arrested every night for every night
Paris Hilton spends in jail.

The Starmaker

>The Starmaker wrote:
> and there is no law against drinking and driving!
> Paris Hilton doesn't deserve jail...
> If you want to see more celebrities drink and drive and
> go to jail, just go to the nightclubs they hang out, and wait
> till they leave the nightclub, follow their cars and call the police
> and tell them there is a drunk driving on the road and give them the licence plate numbers,
> take pictures and sell it!
> If everybody would do that, what do you think would happen?

Maybe they'll free Paris Hilton!

tankgirl_52 said...

I am truly glad that they filed the appeal; I will be gladly awaiting the overturn of this verdict. Continue signing everyone and spread the word..WE can HELP make a difference!! Thanks again J for letting me help in her support.

Kathy M